Faydra's PitchWars 2017 Pimp My BIO

Hey there. *waves*

First off--about this pic. I scrolled and scrolled and couldn't find just me. (Ah, mom life.) So here's me and my middle guy drinking frozen Butterbeers at Universal Orlando this past May.

A few things about me:

I'm not so into gifs, so this will be a gif free post.

My patronus is a rattlesnake. I took the test on two different computers, created two different accounts and both times—rattlesnake.

I’ve tested into every Hogwarts house except Gryffindor. Make of that what you will. I identify Slytherin (see above).

I’m not the most bubbly gal.

Resting bitch face game super strong up in here.

But I promise (promise, promise, promise!) that I’m nicer than all that makes me out to seem.

I mean, I’m the director of my area Love Your Neighbor group which coordinates bringing meals/paying bills for local neighbors in need, and I’m the unpaid interim children’s director at my church. Total do gooder. Just not always in the warmest way. But I’m mindful that no one would care about my level of “warmth” if I were a man so no apologies on that.

The good news about my personality in terms of my writing is that little is overly “precious” or “darling” and I’m happy to hack, slash, and change as needed.

I love the beach so hard. Convenient that I live in Florida, huh?

I also love tacos. But only if they’re veggie or fishy. A local place sells a fried green tomato and lentil taco. Holy yummy perfection.

I have one tattoo that I got this year—a blue whale to remind me to keep my heart big because much of the events of 2016 & 2017 have made me want to shut people out.  

I’m 50/50 Introvert/Extrovert. Every personality test ever. For real.

Now for a few things about writing/DENALI SUMMER (my submission manuscript):
I have an MFA from UNC Wilmington but this happened many moons ago. Life and marriage and kids took over in an eclipsing way partially because of me (I’ve been president of a mother’s league that’s how hard I’ve mommed. Also, I’m queen of over-the-top bday parties, play dates etc.) and partially because of the craziness of our particular family (international adoption, foster-adopt with a big ‘ol jury trial before birth parents rights terminated and surprise pregnancy/planned home birth of our youngest who has Fragile X Syndrome.)

But slowly, eventually, with sputters and stalls I got back to writing.

This project and the completed project before it are contemporary YA. (There’s a WIP MG that keeps getting abandoned and returned to on repeat. There’s also a completed adult sweet romance in the drawer.)

I started this book, DENALI SUMMER, because I needed a YA to workshop for a Madcap retreat in early 2016 and I used a very old short story to explode into this project. After great feedback and support at Madcap, I finished the book last year. This past January I got enthusiastic interest from an editor I’d met at an SCBWI conference and I thought—this is it! This is going to happen! In February I was told it was going to acquisitions and I spent Super Bowl Sunday writing the World’s Longest Email about what I could bring to the table in terms of marketing etc.

And then her press got bought out and she got fired and that’s the end of that story.

Meanwhile I had queried some, but had three passes on fulls and panicked. I’d just subbed to Query Kombat but gotten picked as an alternate when I got another agent rejection, so I contacted an MFA friend (who’s also a Pitch Wars mentor!) and forked over the cash for a big-picture plot edit.

The revision from her notes is what I’m subbing.

If I sub to you, I’m so hoping you'll help me polish it.

And while I’m summering hard now, by the time we’d start working together my kids will be back to school, and I’ll be ALL IN.

Turning on comments--so say "hi," ask questions, post your favorite taco recipe link...